Two adults and dependent children up to age 21.
Children must be listed as dependents on IRS 1040
Full Year $495
Monthly $45/mo

Single Parent Family:
Adult and dependent children as with family description above
Full Year $330
Monthly $30/mo

Senior Couple:
Two adults 62+ from the same household
Full Year $330
Monthly $30/mo

Two adults from the same household
Full Year $385
Monthly $35/mo

Ages 62+
Full Year $275
Monthly $25/mo

Ages 21-62
Full Year $330
Monthly $30/mo

Ages 0-21 ( 18-21 with school ID)
Full Year $220
Monthly $20/mo

Note: Bank Draft *12 - month minimum auto bank debit draft plan
Day Pass/ Punch Pass/ Group Fitness Classes

Day Pass:
Adult 18+: $7
Youth Under 17: $5
Senior: $5

10 Punch Pass Cards:
Adult: $50
Senior: $35
Student: $30

Fees for Group Fitness Classes:

$2.00 per Class for Members
$4.00 per Class for Non - Member
$20.00 per 10 - Class Punch Pass for Members
$40.00 per 10 - Class Punch pass for Non - Members
$35 per 10 Class Punch pass for Non - Member Seniors

Membership for All:

Through the generosity of WRC contributors, our goal is to have sufficient funds to ensure our center remains available to all. Thanks to our generous donors to our Annual Campaign, we are able to make the WRC accessible through our Financial Assistance Program. These gifts provide scholarships for individuals and families who want and need programs and/or membership, but cannot afford it.

Financial assistance is supported in part through contributions to the 
Annual Campaign.

Need Financial Assistance? Call the Member Service Desk at 
563-864-9622 or stop in to learn if you qualify.